Tofino, BC
455 Campbell St
Box 539
V0R 2Z0

"I can spend an hour in a big-box store and not find anything; I've been here ten minutes and already have six books I want to read!"
"I couldn't find it in Toronto, I couldn't find it in Vancouver, and here it is in Tofino!"

About Mermaid Tales

We are such a small store that we have pre-selected only good books, and saved you the time of wading through the mountains of books that are out there.

We strive to assist people on their path through reading, selecting books that will answer questions, relate to what is happening or has just happened in someone’s life, or, to open new vistas, pose questions and lead onward to new outlooks.

Remember: reading is risky, because books can change opinions, shake up attitudes or give a person a whole new outlook on life. Take a chance, read a book TODAY!

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We strive to help connect the right book with the right person at the right time.

Mermaid Tales Bookshop

Small Store - Only Good Books

Mermaid Tales Bookshop

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